Three questions with Danny Dichio

Okay so the world cup is on. Lets see what’s happening. - Danny Dichio
England is out (no surprise)dichio
Spain is out (big surprise)
Brazil is overrated
Belgium is overrated
France is underrated
All this is boring!



Where is the flash where is the panache. Ronaldo is a good looking guy but he has a design shaved into his head. I’m watching the coverage and who do I see? Danny Dichio Toronto’s own (by way Hammersmith) soccer hero. Danny was the first legit player and first “star” on Toronto FC He scored 14 goals, including the club’s first ever goal and the club’s last goal of its inaugural season, and he played with David Beckham at the youth level.

Most importantly though Danny Dichio has style. So much style in fact that Moda Terminal asked Danny three questions about his personal style. We found out that his favorite restaurant is Buca on King West. The place where you might find him relaxing with a drink is the Spoke Club also on King West (I’m sensing a pattern here). Most importantly to us though is where the ever dapper Mr. Dichio gets his clothes. Surprisingly enough Danny Dichio can be found wearing  “Scotch and Soda” a casually upscale brand from “The Bay”. Sprinkle in a little J Crew and you have a recipe for some stylish football commentary. Check him out at

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