CraigerAsk Craig Galbraith what drives him and there is no hesitation when he answers: “Fun parties for fun people.” The producer of Toronto’s Subspace Fetish Nights is only satisfied he’s done his job when everyone around him is having a good time. A combination of stage show, night club, and BDSM play party, each Fetish Night brings together several hundred people who might never meet otherwise. It is a mostly young, playful, high energy crowd. Some come to dance, some to see exciting performance art from around the world, some to play in the monitored dungeon area, and many, to see and be seen in all manner of stunning fetish wear. Leather, PVC, rubber, lace – it’s all there in every style you can imagine.

For the stage shows, Craig scours the globe for “extreme kinky performance acts that will make the audience either puke or cum. If they can make the audience do both, they get a prize.” He has hired performers from as far afield as Japan, Poland, and London, UK.

The most outrageous, surprising act he’s ever presented? Again, no hesitation: “Aug. 29, 2009 – a performer named Lady Samar from San Francisco did a flesh hook suspension performance with Allen Falkner from Dallas. At a certain point, with Lady Samar hanging from the flesh hooks, Falkner ran across the stage and full-out jumped on her with enough force that they swung out over the audience. The entire room shrieked – it was incredible.”

Despite the edgy shows, Craig goes out of his way to ensure Subspace Fetish Nights welcome a mix of both experienced players and those with a more new-found interest in kink. Safety is at the very top of Craig’s list of concerns. “We have a very strong sense of community at our events. Rules are posted and enforced politely and firmly. We are all about etiquette, negotiation, and above all, consent. No one will get spanked, or even touched, by a stranger – even consensual players who are obviously intoxicated will be asked to refrain from playing in our dungeon. We want everyone, whether on their first or hundredth visit to a dungeon, to feel safe and respected. That is number one for us.”

In addition to the monthly Fetish Nights, Craig has been bringing the European phenomenon known as Torture Garden to Toronto for the past six years. “Torture Garden Toronto is an international event which we bring here every Victoria Day long weekend for an insane frenzy of fetish partying. About 700-800 people take part each year. There is nothing else like it.” Craig likes to support local talent whenever possible. His upcoming Latex Fetish Ball – like most of his Fetish Nights, it’s an annual event – will showcase the exciting new inflatable clothing line from Toronto’s Kink Engineering.

“I’ve had a strong passion to do fun events for the fetish community for many years and I hope

I continue to have that passion for many years to come.”

check out the Subspace Fetish Night Group on Facebook.

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