Scouse Style Bible

The Lady Victorious

Liverpool, home of the Beatles, Liverpool football club, and lets not forget, the infamous Scouse bird, an I’m not talking about the Liverbirds. (look ‘em up you minty bastard)
Moda Terminal has gone to great lengths and expense to find a correspondent in the North of England that fits our aesthetic. The Lady Victorious is just the woman to fit the bill.
Here is her take on Scouse style.

If you where to walk into the Liverpool city centre, you would be met with girls, with hair up in rollers, perfect eyebrows and a designer bag of some sort.

The Scousebird rule, Never leave the house without perfecting your eyebrows.

Ladies of liverpool are the trend setters of England.
We made the bun ring stylish and lets not forget the ‘scousebrow’ (a perfect eyebrow)

A Scouse bird has essentials and I’m talking ESSENTIAL..

  1. A tan. No one wants to look like Casper the friendly ghost on crack
  2. Curly blow. This is usually follows by massive rollers in your hair. Walking round the city centre in liverpool in rollers is not only acceptable, but it’s also looked upon as stylish
  3. Nails. Pointy, colourful and impossible to pick anything bank card or coin shaped off the floor
  4. Bag. This has got to make other scouse birds greener than the hulk with envy and typically it has to be the the size of a house on our little arms.
  5. Smokey eye. I’m not taking about a black eye you’d get form a right hook off Mohammed Ali, No. We are talking the blackest of black eyeshadow. Winged an blended to perfection. Mac, illamasqua, limecrime. We Scousebirds are clued up in the makeup game.

I must admit, I thought a curly blow was something totally different. Look for more from our Lady in the coming months.


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