Overhaulin’ jumped the shark

“Jump the shark” A term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity. Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on water skis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show. Ex. Cousin Oliver on Brady Bunch, Scrappy Doo. Moda Terminal loves cars. Fast cars, cool cars exotic cars, from hot rods, and resto-mods to your grandpa’s Auburn. If the car has style we like it. The last ten years or so has produced a plethora of car fix up shows. Invariably these TV shows documented the customization or restoration of interesting cars for one reason or another. The best in our opinion was Overhaulin. The show’s premise was that an unknowing “victim” – the mark, in the show’s language — is nominated to be “Overhauled” by his or her family or friends, the insiders. The mark’s car, usually an old and tired antique car, was obtained through some ruse. Some common examples included the car being “stolen” by Chris and Chip, a car being misplaced or lost at a mechanic’s shop, or the car being towed away by “police.” An integral part of the show was when the two co-hosts play tricks on the unsuspecting mark, sometimes acting in roles of insurance adjusters or law enforcement agents, other times helping the insider, while Chip Foose and a team of mechanics – dubbed “The A-Team” – have a week to remake the car into a custom masterpiece. Each show ended with the surprise reuniting of owner and newly made-over car.  Get it? The car was an old piece of crap that the poor deserving owner didn’t have the means or wherewithal to fix up. The Chris guy was just some talking head, but Chip is none other than the legendary Chip Foose. Foose is an amazing talent with a style that is reflected in all of his projects. A style that we really appreciate. Subtle lines and subtly exotic paint schemes. Last week’s show was brutal. While the guy was a pretty good guy he had a car that he was driving daily as well as his beloved fixer upper. His plan was that he wanted to sell his daily driver in order to put money into the old beater.  So they gang at Overhaulin decided to fix him up a car so that he could sell his daily driver and fix up his old car! What? Really!?! So a guy with two cars was getting another car in order to sell his main car and “overhaul” his old car. Worst of all the car they overhauled for the deserving mark? A 2014 Impala, SWEAR TO GOD. Shark Jumped I’m done You be the judge of the cars and decide for yourself if the shark has been jumped

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