One dream at a time

Alex KrawtschenkoAlex Krawtschenko is a financial professional, an engineering school graduate, and an accomplished musician. Most interestingly, Alex is a hypnotist

“You have to be willing to be hypnotized… sort of” says Krawtschenko with a wink of his eye. He has been performing “street” hypnosis long before the concept of getting “punk’d” was popularized by Ashton Kutcher.

Make no mistake, hypnotism is just one of his vocations. Krawtschenko is a seasoned veteran in the high flying world of global finance. He has appeared in a documentary filmed in Las Vegas (where he also does hypnosis stage shows for kicks) which is about three international street hypnotists on the prowl. He is shopping a TV show based on the same concept.

His passion is to help people realize their dreams. He has been “paying it forward” long before it became a hit Hollywood movie. Alex believes that everyone should be able to live their dream and he has helped many dreamers do just that. He has a Bachelor of Engineering and an MBA. He incorporates his latticework of knowledge and business contacts to make shit happen. “Talk is cheap” he says. “Actions speaks louder than words. Too many people talk a good game. But not very many come through when it counts most.”

Alex has two companies, Outside Inside Out Inc. and One Dream at a time Inc. This is where the magic happens. He’s like the Wizard of Oz. By combining sound business principles with state of the art mind technologies, Alex is able to remove the obstacles that prevent people from living their dreams. He has even trademarked the term Chief Dream Officer™.

What Moda Terminal loves about Alex is that he does it with style. He cures everything from writer’s block to erectile dysfunction (cock block?) and then goes down to the local pub and enjoys his Guinness.

Alex’s method is to align with the mind, rather than go against it. I mean, who wants to be told what to do when you’re an adult. Nobody likes a nag. And that is how he lives his life as well. Alex is a master of rolling with the punches.

Oh yeah, he plays a mean piano and can sing “Yesterday “ with the best of them. If you want to speak with Alex, his direct line is (647) 836-4433, or if you prefer to email him, his email is

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