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Moda Terminal has “discovered” Oh Master Menswear. We love their sense of style and the concept suits us down to a T.

We recently took the time to interview the collective. Check it out

MT: Oh Master is an interesting concept, how did it come about?

OM: The brand idea was conceived in 2007. You have to think back to the landscape at that time: This was ‘Bush Era’, post 9/11, Iraq / Afghanistan War, and the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ fiasco. People were getting richer than they could ever imagine and we were only just seeing the first hairline cracks in the Euro experiment. As a collective we were looking for a canvas in which to discuss the broad topic; The sphere of control, influence and power within society, and how the Powerful and Weak interact with each other. Fashion was a great medium. Our concept was slightly ahead of the zeitgeist, as the world saw imbalances escalate culminating in the global recession, the NSA scandal and the ‘Arab spring’. These events, and many others, rocked the foundation of society worldwide. 

MT: What is your style? Do the group share a vision or do you bring your diverse tastes together
in order to form the collective?

OM: The Movement thinks as one entity, a hive of independent minds yet moving in the same direction. Like a piece of iron has many free electrons, but they all move in definite direction when power is applied. Our creative approach is very much ‘concept first, product later’. Ideas relating to tangible questions we are being faced with every day, the tangible oppressive institutions, whether they be political systems, societal norms, Religion, Sex, Race etc. Our style is of a subversive counter culture trying to ignite debates on these subjects. Everything we do is tied to the original question, “Are you a Slave or a Master?”, “What is a Slave, What is a Master” through the lens of Fashion. These are questions where the answers are never clear as you would expect, and varies depending on time environment etc. Our line has a strong ‘alpha male’ aesthetic. All the pieces are thought provoking, engaging conversation starters, and in some case conversation enders. Oh Master is a non comprimising brand that asks serious questions about the wearer, the witness, and the environment we are in. Oh Master’s pieces are a clash of abrasive context with luxurious fabrics, leather and design.

MT: What do you like?

OM: The re-emergence of dormant brands. On the luxury end of the spectrum, we love what is going on at Berluti, which has always been LVMH’s rough diamond. Their recent shows have been stellar although a very high price point and older target customer. On the other end, Jeremy Scott’s move to Moschino was great for them and Fashion as a whole. Fashion needed an injection of fun, excitement and colour. We had moved too far down the ‘All Black Everything’ designs with ‘Blue Steel’ poses.

MT: What don’t you like?

OM: Too many to mention to be honest, we need another devoted article to do that question justice.

MT:  What are your plans and goals?

OM: Maintain an independent and niche London brand with a strong following. We will be opening our flagship store in Hoxton London at the beginning of 2015, where customers can enjoy the full Oh Master experience, and in store art and music events. We will be curating mini capsule drops, each time addressing a different institution of domination, and possibly showing in the London Collections.

Oh Master

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