Mike Weir Wine

Moda Terminal is not that big into golf. We are aware of golf so don’t even go there.

We know that the late Payne Stewart had style. We know that Ricky Fowler had kind of a country club Bieber vibe for a while. We know that John Daly has a trailer park aesthetic. For the most part however golf is as bland as Colin Montgomerie’s sweater vest. Not even a philandering Tiger with a super-hot Swedish model ex-wife who has a TWIN SISTER can spice up golf. Golfers are so conservative and style challenged that they thought Jesper Parnevik was “out there” for wearing a cap with an upturned peak. We found it old timey but not worthy of remark. Golfers spoke of him sotto voce.

Canada has a couple of golfers of renown, the only ones Moda Terminal note are Stephen Ames and Mike Weir. Stephen Ames is interesting because he was born a Trini, and Mike Weir won the Masters so he sometimes wears an horrific (that’s right AN horrific it’s an old joke from M*A*S*H*) green jacket. Imagine our surprise when we found out that Mike Weir owns a winery. Digging a little further Moda Terminal learned that not only does he have a winery but he had a Nonno who gave him a taste as a young boy as Italian grandfathers tend to do.

This apparently turned into a lifelong interest that has resulted in a winery in Southern Ontario.
Ontario produces some pretty good wine but Mike Weir’s stuff is better than the average Niagara offering. In addition the business benefits many children through the Mike Weir Foundation.

All in all we found a nice guy, with a nice product, doing nice things.

Not surprising as that is the Canadian thing to do.

Check out the foundation on Mike’s website



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