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With all that is going on in the world this may be the final straw that brings on the end times. Kim Kardashian has her own app and worse than that it is rated number one in the app store. By all accounts it is set to make $200 million dollars, which will end up netting about $85 million for Ms. Kim herself. The app is free to download but will end up making its money from in-app purchases. For example, someone will be able to buy money to use in the game for real money.

A flight from Miami to L.A. costs about $15 real money, and I’m guessing that is economy class. You can also create your own star and even style yourself after Kim herself (butt implants are extra $$$). You can also “Rule the Red Carpet” as an A-list celebrity! So in other words, nothing like Kim Kardashian.

You can take over L.A. by clubbing, shopping and generally sponging off society. Making your own sex tape was curiously absent from the app.

The app itself is well designed and I’m sure plenty of money went into its development. After downloading the game onto my IPhone, I launched the app and was confronted with the usual questions about push notifications and one asking about access to my Twitter account, uh NO!!!!

Then you are asked to pick the option of being a man or woman, oh the dilemma! I went with a woman, figuring this would be the larger demographic anyways. I was then able to customize (yes that’s kustomize with a K). You can pick a number of facial features such as eyes, lips, chins, nose etc. No matter how hard I tried I could not get to level Joan Rivers. You can also select different skin colours so kudos for not restricting it to one ethnicity and giving me one less thing to make fun of.

Once you start the game it brings you into a store called Le Chic where you are working as a shop girl, folding shirts and making sales. This is how you make money in K World. So you have a choice now, you can have a shitty job in the real world or you can have a shitty job in virtual reality. My first tasks were to fold shirts and then lock the register, locking the register took a while to accomplish, but it’s my first day!!

After that I walked outside and ran into Kim Kardashian, imagine my luck! Kim is having a fashion emergency and she needs my help! Once in the store Kim asks you if she should get a silver or red dress, I picked the red, I don’t know, I like red. Then you are prompted to offer the dress for free, which Kim of course turns down, however, there is an insist button, so the dress is hers. After that Kim invited me to a photo shoot and to “dress better”.

After leaving the store there are other stores on the virtual street but decided to high tail it home to change for the photo-shoot. There I was prompted to pick a dress for the shoot, a very conservative white one, can’t be seen overshadowing a virtual Kim Kardashian, can we? I tried picking my own clothes; I have my own style you know!!

Once dressed I was prompted to take the bus to the photo-shoot…I’m sorry, taking a bus in L.A.? Once I arrived at the photo-shoot, this creepy guy starts taking photos of me, so I guess they are making the game as realistic as possible.

That’s as far as I made it. The game is well designed and I suppose it’s a great time waster for the right demographic.

Now I’m off to download the Kane West app.

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