Google Glass

I am so pissed about Google Glass.

I want it.

You all know that Moda Terminal is a geek and geeks love tech and Google glass is tech so we should by rights love Google Glass. Well we might like it but every time we try to get our hands on an evaluation item we are rebuffed.


That is bad enough but when you look around the web for info all kinds of second rate countries (you know who you are) have access to the high tech specs for “evaluation” purposes.

At the risk of sounding like a fox with a poor vertical (read a book if you don’t get it, I told you I was pissed) I will give you my impressions from afar. First things first if you look for Google Glass video you will find Google Glass Commercials and Google Glass Porn. The commercials are very cool. The Porn is lame. The glasses themselves could look cooler. I mean they could look like Oakley’s or Raybans or Geordi La Forge’s VISOR but they don’t, they look too “obvious” to be stylish. I’m sure they will eventually be redesigned to look cool with the help of some art house. Right now seeing somebody wearing them smacks of the goofballs who used to walk around with a blue tooth phone dongle in their ear.

I still want it.

A smartphone that’s wearable would free up my hands for stuff like driving. Further to that I could keep my eyes on the road and see my GPS maps at the same time. Google Glass would equip us with our own personal HUD (That’s Head Up Display). Augmented reality would be… reality!

Did I mention I want it?

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