Finally we are BACK!

GeoffLArkin--14Finally we are back – Happy Birthday!

You are so old that when you were a kid Old Spice was just called Spice.

This was said to me by my kid on my last birthday.

Pretty funny for an eight year old and somewhat accurate.

I’m kind of old, I remember stuff from last century like it was yesterday.

I remember 1995 for a few reasons. Life changing events

minor miracles and a new publication that I thought would be interesting.

1995 brought the first issue of Maxim magazine to the public.

It was new it was “cool” it was Playboy for the 90′s

young hip stylish and cool. Perfect! I was young(ish) hip, stylish and cool,

I’m going to love this magazine right? It’s going to have articles about stuff I liked

girls, sports, technology, social issues, all that.

Most importantly it’s going to push the envelope and do it with a sense of style that reflects the sensibilities of my peer group.

Not the boomers, not these “Gen Xers”, but people like me who cut across all strata of society.

People whose esthetic matched mine, an esthetic not defined by an age group or a way of dressing or acting.

This magazine to me was supposed to represent an urbane and somewhat witty sense of being.

People who carved their own niche in the world around them and did it with panache.

Salvador Dali and Don Cherry could both find something in that mag.

Martha Stewart and Cyndi Lauper could both relate to the publication.

All of these diverse individuals could meet at the cultural water cooler that was

Maxim magazine.


That’s what I thought anyway.


“That was hardly porn. It was a topless woman on a tractor.

You know what they call that in Europe? A cereal commercial.” – Phil Dunphy


The first controversy surfaced quite quickly.

Lots of women I knew, objected to the covers.

Pretty girls in “sexy” poses.

Sex sells, simple as that. The covers got the attention of the male audience that the publishers wanted to hook.

I guess it was a giveaway of the direction things were headed but I still held out hope.

I then found out about FHM, a publication that was 10 years older but had gotten a boost from Maxim’s popularity.

For Him Magazine was cool but it was definitely a boy’s magazine.

Despite the cover I thought Maxim was something more.

These two fought it out for a few years until Maxim Jumped the Shark in around 2002.

They tried to get serious but not in a fun way and I bailed.

From that moment on I have been thinking about what has become Moda Terminal.

Moda Terminal is about all of the things I mentioned at the beginning of this piece.

It’s about what we as a group think is stylish and interesting.

That’s it.

If we like it we will bring it to you.

If it looks great and has a certain je ne sais quoi

you can expect to see it on Moda Terminal.

As for the cover, don’t expect us to shy away from beautiful women (or men for that matter)

beauty to us however is more than looks.

Beauty is more than a pretty person in a pretty outfit.


For more insight into or mission, read the excellent article by Tony Vicentino

coincidentally found in this very publication “The Impossible Balance”

You can find it in our Art section

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