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GeoffLArkin--2It’s not easy being an internationally renowned repository of all things cool and stylish, but one of the things that we do have going for us is the fact that models will talk to us. Not just regular models, Super models. Calm down this isn’t a puff piece on Janice Dickenson and her duck lips or Heidi Klum and the tragedy of her children’s hair, this is an article on fetish models.

You may ask yourself, “self, what is a fetish model?” We would answer in the following way.

Fetish modelling covers a wide range of fetishes, including those involving bondage, latex, corsets, even wedgies, tattoo/body piercing, shoes, thin fetishism, shibari, and Nyotaimori / food. Fetishes may also involve body parts, such as breasts, navel, feet, etc.

Fetish models are usually considered to be different category to gothic or alternative models, who are usually far more niche specific. Fetish models may only involve themselves in the overall aesthetic aspects rather than a specific area such as sexual. Fetish modelling is usually considered to be a part of the adult industry due to its popular perception as an “adult only” appreciation. However in recent times, many aspects of the fetish fashion market have been incorporated and accepted into so called mainstream fashion whereby fashion creators will directly use exotic fabrics such as latex or sheer instead of cotton or wool for their creations.

What it all really means is that fetish models are models who are not the traditional six foot boneracks you see on TV (no offense we love you too). They are models who take stylish pics that are not what the mainstream think of as normal. Quirky pinup style pictures of slightly offbeat and unusually striking ladies are usually what you will find if you look it up on line. Some pictorials may not be for the faint of heart but they are always interesting and usually provide a fresh take on a mundane subject.

Our friend Ruby Rea is no exception, she is pretty, quirky talented, outspoken and just as lazy as any supermodel we know of. Check out her pictorial and visit her site.

*Note Ruby Rea isn’t really lazy I just wanted to get that line about the supermodels in there

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