Corsets are back in style

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The new corset diet fad has once again brought corsets to the forefront. Moda Terminal has always been a big fan of the corset. Who doesn’t love the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. Super models in underwear and fashion corsets are usually at the top of our must see list. Now before you jump all over me I’m not talking about the fancy schmantzy official corsets with proper lacing and boning. (Yup I said boning) Although some of them are quite beautiful, what I am referring to here are those fashion pieces that accentuate the waist and bosom of our favourite models, celebrities and the cute little girl next door.

Corsets come in all shapes and sizes as do the ladies (and men) who sport them.
Whether with a long skirt, a short skirt and garters or just a pair of jeans and heels, corsets may be back in style for the mainstream but at Moda Terminal they never left.


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