Burning Man, still cool?


Okay Moda Terminal has always wanted to go to Burning Man. It seems cool. Even people who aren’t cool seem to want to go but still it has a certain style so we are curious. Just to make sure we checked around with some of the cool kids and they said stuff like “It is awesome dude”. So like any self-respecting purveyor of style MT checked out what the Urban Dictionary had to say about Burning Man

Burning man

As of 2009, Burning Man is society’s officially sanctioned counter-cultural movement. And as this movement, it has no forward momentum.
It is a party in the desert. That’s basically it.

Hardly a ringing endorsement so rather than risking dysentery ourselves in the pursuit of an interesting story, we decided to send one of our fearless correspondents.

She thought it was cool.

Others were not so kind

Dr. Behzad Mohit said

Once, Burning Man used to emphasize a noble ideal, the virtue of detaching from the workweek and the daily grind. Early on, it created a venue for creative cooperation and a place to love each other and play together. Unfortunately, I did not see that ethos personified in 2014.

But to be fair he is kind of an old guy so we looked further.

Mallika Rao wrote…

Even if you’ve never been to Burning Man, you’re probably nostalgic for how it used to be. The weeklong festival, we are told with increasing frequency each year, has jumped the shark, catering to tech billionaires (and Grover Norquist) who eat sushi on the playa, emit more greenhouse gases than Texas, and don’t even let anyone look at their art cars.

Yikes! One more?

Anonymous said

The Drone photos are awesome

Unfortunately we don’t have any drone photos but feel free to follow the link.



I still want to go, I think…

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