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When you hear the term biker, it immediately evokes images of hairy guys with beer guts on Harley’s, middle aged guys locking up their daughters , and cougars running towards them to see what all the fuss is about.

Moda Terminal has nothing against these kinds of bikers nor the middle aged crisis guys who buy Harley’s when they turn 47. There are other bikers however that have caught our attention. Bikers who have their own distinctive style and who are no less rebellious or edgy. These are the Café Racers and for want of a better term the Biker Boyz.

We interviewed the editor of Café Racer Magazine and host of the Café Racer TV Show Mike Seate, as well as various Biker Boyz (and Girlz)

We think you will find the results interesting

MT: Cafe Racers have a distinctive style, how do modern versions differ from their forebears?

MS: Custom cafe racers based on more modern motorcycles tend to be faster and with far superior brakes,
suspension and reliability.

MT: Originally in England these were the bikes that Rockers rode, the scene still has kind of rockabilly sensibility about it                  (and we love that) why do you think that is.

MS: Roots rock music has always provided the soundtrack to the classic rocker scene, though today, people who dig cafe bikes         listen to everything from hip-hop to alt rock or techno.

MT: Even with the above statement Cafe Bike riders seem to be a more multicultural group when compared to other “bikers”.         We were pleased to see many riders of colour on the TV show. Is there a reason for this cross cultural appeal in the USA?

MS: When you park up a cafe racer anywhere, it’s amazing the mix of people who enjoy looking at and riding them. I think a fast, custom streetbike appeals to all sorts of men and women of all economic and social backgrounds. It’s funny, but even Harley riders like cafe racers because before they rode heavyweight cruisers, most Harley enthusiasts owned a smaller Japanese or British bike at some point.

MT: Where can our readers see examples in their area?

MS: There’s somebody building cafe racers just about everywhere- they turn up at bike nights, custom shows, you name it. We tend to see them a lot around universities where students need cheap, quick transportation.

Cafe Racer TV will return to Discovery Velocity for its fifth season in early December.

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