Beef Cheek Poutine and other abominations

Foodies, we are not. Moda Terminal likes to eat but we aren’t crazy people trying things like a Cronut Burger or a deep fried watermelon and bacon sandwich. Recently we were in Guelph and had the opportunity to grab a quick repast with a stylish professional of the country girl persuasion. Her suggestion was Baker Street Station, one of those Gastro pubs that have sprung up in recent years. Fancy local beers and tasty local fare, who could resist. Family friendly and bustling is the best way to describe Baker Street, lots o’ kids, lots o’ noise, but that was no problem as we were there for a relaxing pint and a bite to eat. The beers available were an acceptable assortment but the food…

Looking at a pub menu has never prompted us to say WTF is that, until we hit BSS. Kimchi Tacos, Fried Halloumi and a pickled Ox tongue sandwich were just a few of the choices on the menu. We don’t think of ourselves as Philistines but jeez we were not impressed by the choices. I was expecting some kind of sangwidge, not a sandwiche. So we settled on poutine.
Beef cheek poutine.
It occurred to us that beef cheek was probably from the cow’s ass as cows don’t have especially rounded facial areas but what could go wrong with beef and poutine.

A gluey, fatty mass of beef buttock plonked on top of some stringy fries with gravy and a couple of cheese curds. And it cost $12. So gross we could not get through it. In order to make amends the friendly server (incredulous at our distaste) brought us some wings. These were pedestrian but at that point we were famished.

Long story short these guys need to get their act together. It’s Guelph! Would it kill you to sell a cheeseburger?

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